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The choice is harder when you don’t have the right info to make your decision
Here at Johnny’s furniture store we have a great selection of mattresses that will allow us to help you find the perfect fit to get a great night’s sleep. There is not one perfect bed for everyone, so we will take the time to help you understand the differences, and how the right mattress will benefit you. It’s our goal to help you pick the right mattress for yourself. Other bedding stores will tell you what they think you should have, we will help you pick the one you find the most comfortable, that will give you the best sleep of your life. To make it easier for you to pick the best mattress for a great night of sleep, we recommend that you come to our store when you have some time to lie down and test out our lineup of bedding. We recommend spending 20 minutes or more laying down like you normally sleep. This allows your body to recover from the effects of gravity when standing and truly feel how a good mattress will help you sleep better. We don’t mind if you show up in comfortable clothes and want to test the beds for an hour. Doing this will help you feel confident you are getting a bed you will be comfortable on for the next ten years or longer.

There are many benefits of a good mattress, and here are a few!
There are many more benefits to a good mattress than just getting a good night’s sleep. Many of the benefits of a good night’s sleep will affect your entire day, not just make your mornings better.


• Reduced Stress; a good night of sleep allows your body to fight the effects of stress.
• Getting a full night of sleep helps your body reduce the effects of Heart Disease, Depression, Diabetes, and High Blood Pressure.
• When you get a full night of sleep your body produces more of the hormone that reduces hunger. Thus a better night of sleep can help you reduce cravings, as well as burn off extra calories as your bodily processes work to heal and repair you.
• Reduced back pain because of proper support and reduced pressure on your body.
• Sleeping peacefully can lead to feeling better throughout your day, making life more pleasant.
• Better Health. A good night’s sleep helps your body heal and prepare itself for your days activity.
• When your body is able to be at its best, you can add years to your life.
• Better sleep leads to being more Productive.
• After a restful night you are able to work smarter and more creatively.

Size really does matter, you don’t have enough room to sleep.
It is important to consider the proper size of your bed. Since you spend 1/3 of your life in bed. Many people spend their nights sleeping in a bed that has no more space than a crib offers a baby. Let us help you choose the proper size to suit your needs. We can also special order custom sizes in many beds to fit antique frames, campers, truck sleeper cabs, cribs, and sleeper sofas. There is an increased cost for special sizes, so stop by the store to find a mattress you like and we can tell you how much it will be to customize.

See how to pick a better mattress based on your body type.
We also understand that some people may require a sturdier mattress. If you are someone who is finding that a normal mattress is not lasting very long, stop into Johnny’s to check out our lineup of mattresses designed for increased durability. We offer mattresses with an overbuilt coil designed to hold more weight, and last a longer amount of time. We offer three different types of mattresses to give those who need a bed to support more girth a choice. We offer a very cushioned eurotop mattress with our strongest coil for the sturdiest bed you can buy. We also offer a firm and pillowtop set with a more conforming and supportive coil. The two cushioning options allow you to buy a good sturdy mattress with a cushion level that fits your comfort preference.
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